The first few months of a tech startup are the most crucial for its success.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of experience of most founders, they often hire service providers that are not thinking about long term roadmaps, delivering buggy, non-scalable and often throw away MVPs.

Small and medium sized companies often need to navigate uncharted waters when it comes to technology decisions. Why reinvent the wheel or go through costly exercises when you can have someone that's been through the same experience many times?


MVP Lean is a full service consulting firm that helps startups and medium sized tech companies with the following services:

Designing and coding MVP Platforms or Mobile apps for startups

Building solid, scalable cloud infrastructure and architecture

Assistance with identifying and interviewing initial developers

Evaluating outsourcing vendors or software

Auditing codebases and help deciding on refactoring or rewriting

Coaching founders on everything related to technology decisions


MVPLean was founded by Jorge Escobar, a technologist with 15 years of experience kickstarting projects, building successful platforms from scratch and helping leading companies to restructure their engineering organizations

MVPLean doesn’t charge hourly rates and helps companies by offering flat monthly fees so that they can get the best service within their budgets. To get your startup on the right track contact us.